Emma Jodin, Sandhills and Isabella Meredith, South Paw- Fun Box
Kash Rader, Sandhills and Hayden Fiacco, Lonsdale- Fun Box

48Kg Kerion O`Neil, South Paw defeated Hunter Heise, Counterpunch
65Kg John Pekas, Four Corners defeated Dorion Baptiste, Medicine Hat
36Kg Austin Hale, Three Nations defeated Sonny Meredith, South Paw
39Kg Declan Getzinger, Lloydminster defeated Jack Senga, Lonsdale
50Kg Gracy Kennedy, Three Nations defeated Ella Meredith, South Paw
79Kg Dalton Gerstenhofer, Four Corners defeated Jack Hartell, Sandhills
65Kg Joshua Williams, Marshall defeated Moroni Hale, Three Nations
81Kg Reyna Allen, Lonsdale defeated Amy Solanoe Four Corners
55Kg Iris Frying Pan, Lloydminster defeated Lanny Blanchette, Turtle River
59Kg Elias West, Lonsdale defeated Dylan Holland, Marshall
75Kg Quinn Neald, Lonsdale defeated Triston Deveu, Medicine Hat
81Kg Janick Lacroix, Medicne Hat defeated Brian Bazinet, Marshall
81Kg Max Hines, Marshall defeated Dean Aldridge, Sandhill

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