Respect and Effort

The sport of boxing appeals to those individuals, both male and female from 8 to 40 years of age that appreciate the drive to get in peak condition and to have the fortitude to challenge themselves. Boxing allows participants to develop and grow at their own pace and first and foremost build self confidence.

The boxer knows when they’re ready to compete and their coaches work with them to allow that to happen in an environment that is safe, fair and competitive. Boxers from Saskatchewan often compete in other provinces and in the United States. Saskatchewan boxers have become national champions and have competed for Team Canada internationally and at major global tournaments and at the Olympics

Recent studies tracked 8 years of amateur boxing competitions at the USA national Silver Gloves program for boxers age 8 to 15 years.  2,700 youngsters, over 2,000 bouts nearly 6,000 rounds and not one significant injury requiring medical attention. Sports such as football, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and trampoline are reported to be more dangerous than amateur boxing.


Boxing does not promote fighting, we promote boxing. Boxing is a safe sport that is conducted in an environment that puts the safety of the boxer first and foremost. Boxers only compete against another boxer in the same age group, near the same weight and near the same experience. The official in the ring (referee) is in the ring to ensure the safety of the boxers and will put an end to any bout if the safety of a boxer is suspect.

  • Self confidence and self esteem

  • Helps a person to identify their inner strength

  • Superior conditioning at your own pace

  • An individual sport that is practiced amongst a team of mutually respectful peers

  • Teaches commitment, respect and work ethic


To push themselves through hard work and dedication in order to be in top physical condition and most of all to meet the challenge of performing solo without teammates or others to assist. Strategy and game planning, skills and technique, offense and defense are all key components that a boxer practices simultaneously while in competition. Boxing – the sweet science.

Most clubs charge their own membership fees but they are typically low cost. The only gear required to box by the boxer is a mouth guard and decent gym shoes.

Boxing Gyms