Training, Dedication, Determination, Discipline, You Have to Earn the Right – Motto of the Weyburn Soo Line Boxing Club

Success in amateur boxing involves a simple task: Scoring a blow while protecting against an opponent. This supposed simple task is not easily achieved. Natural talent, dedicated learning, perfecting of skills and optimal conditioning are all important aspects. Adequate training is an essential tool which will be effective in achieving success.

Boxers learn early that this sport is physically and psychologically demanding. Meeting the physical demands in training the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and the mastering of ringmanship present an exciting challenge to athletes.

Training also includes learning the technical skills required of this sport. The basics include proper stance, footwork, the fundamentals of throwing punches and defensive maneuvers. Learning these skills takes time and practice. As the basics become internalized, new and varied techniques are incorporated. This aspect of training also assists the boxer to develop their own unique style within the rules that govern boxing.

All amateur boxing clubs will have varying philosophies. The important factor for athletes is to understand that training, as it relates to competitive boxing, requires ongoing hard work and dedication. Joining a boxing club will provide an appropriate environment in which to train. Contact a club near you for more information.

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