COVID-19 Emergency Support Funds


Boxing, in a limited capacity, is slowly making its way back during the COVID-19 pandemic. The past six months have been very challenging for our clubs, but the support of our stakeholders  allows the opportunity for our athletes to train. Boxing Saskatchewan, its clubs and members sincerely acknowledges and is grateful for the support of the Federal Government. Nous reconnaissons l'appui (financier) du gouvernement du Canada.

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As a result of COVID-19, effective immediately Boxing Saskatchewan is suspending all activity including the cancellation of existing sanctions, the issuance of new sanctions, issuance of travel permits, and, training camps until June 15, 2020. The suspension of activities will e continually reviewed by he Board and may be extended beyond  June 15, 2020 The suspension of boxing activities was a necessary decision to ensure the health and well being of our athletes, fans, coaches, officials and volunteers. Registered Saskatchewan Boxing Clubs may continue training but are encouraged to: Clean your gym and equipment. Minimize interaction between athletes. Consider restricted [...]


Results from Battle at the Border, Lloydminster, Sask Feb 22/20


Fun Box Ryder Bredy, Sandhills and Danny Carlson, Four Corners Fun Box Jayden Collinge, Lloydminster and Sonny Meredith, Diamond 53Kg Ian Suraclu, Marshall defeated Clark Rewega, Titans 42Kg Ayden Gordon, Sunshine defeated Declyn Getzinger, Lloydminster 52Kg Retias Wheaton, Cougar defeated Ayde Meredith, Diamond 62Kg Praxton Maier, Turtle River defeated Elmer Villebrun, Coyote 56Kg Keeley Hartell, Sandhills defeated Isabella Paipals, Titan 56Kg Gabe Kennedy, Lloydminster defeated Taylor Kopas, MMA 64Kg John Pekas, Four Corners defeated Tyler Wilson, Coyote 54Kg Ella Meredith, Diamond defeated Alex Brochu, Lloydminster 60Kg Jaxon Maier, Turtle River defeated Laith Aljamous, Alliance 77Kg Charlie Kershaw, MMA defeated Jack [...]

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Results from New Line Boxing Academy Dinner Show December 14, 2019


Sparring Alex Irvine,United and Daniel Brundrett, New Line Sparring Patrick Corcoran United and Patrick Mah, New Line Sparring Isaiah Severight, New Line and Ty Robinson, New Line 62kg Kyle Oliver, Lethbridge defeated Wayne Ducharme, Weyburn 81kg Darren Adams, New Line defeated Michael Frombach, New Line

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Boxing Saskatchewan would like to congratulate Frank Fiacco for being selected as the best Referee/Judge at the Olympic Pre-Selection Qualifier in Melbourne, Australia. There were 13 AIBA 3 Star Referee/Judges at the Qualifier, and Frank was selected as the BEST! A well deserved honor, Frank. Your ring generalship and skills always show. The cream continues to rise to the top.

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Results from Modern Martial Arts Pro-Am Saskatoon, November 29, 2019


81Kg Prince Del Rosario, MMA defeated Chad Lucanas, Wolfhouse 75Kg Sandor Baird, MMA defeated Russell Maningo, Coyote 55Kg Shalin Steel, North Battleford defeated Iris Fryingpan, Lloydminster 81Kg William Kirstein, Coyote defeated Catlin Matheson, MM 55Kg Jessica Caverly, Lloydminster defeated Sarah West, Wolfhouse

Results from Modern Martial Arts Pro-Am Saskatoon, November 29, 20192019-12-01T16:37:09+00:00

Results from the Saskatchewan Provincial Championships November 23, 2019 at Weyburn, Sask.


Non Provincial Bouts 40Kg Jack Senga, Lonsdale defeated Kyler Roettger, Weyburn 60Kg Emerson Jack, Weyburn defeated Gabe Wood, Lloydminster 91+Kg Trent Katcheech, Lonsdale defeated Jesse Mahaffey, Weyburn 69Kg Preston Lachance, Top Dog defeated Tarin Carr. Jaguar Provincial Bouts 64Kg Tyler Gregory-Wilson, Hub City defeated Cody Chaykowski, Four Corners 80Kg Dalton Grestenhofer, Four Corners defeated Jack Hartell, Sandhills 57Kg Amanda Brochu, Lloydminster defeated Keeley Hartell, Sandhills 60Kg Tauren Jack, Weyburn defeated Laith Ayamous, Hub City 60kg Jayden Toye, Counterpunch defeated Elias West, Lonsdale 81Kg Jonathon Stoodley, Alliance defeated William Kirstein, Hub City 56Kg Shalin Steel, Four Corners defeated Iris Fryingpan, Lloydminster [...]

Results from the Saskatchewan Provincial Championships November 23, 2019 at Weyburn, Sask.2019-11-26T21:46:45+00:00



Fun Box Aliyah Ironstand Four Corners and Willow Blohm, Sandhills Lake Snelling, Sooke and Emma Jodoin, Sandhills Sydney Collinge, Lloydminster and Ava Jepperson, Sooke 41Kg Raph Cucio, Marshall defeated Ayden Pocha, Blackstar 72Kg Amy Solano, Four Corners defeated Maria Laboucane, Lac la Biche 60Kg Keely Hartell, Sandhills defeated Isabella Paipals, Titan 60Kg Gabe Wood, Lloydminster defeated Dawson Lowerson, Four Corners 64Kg Owen Pitcher, Lac la Biche defeated Elmer Villebrun, Coyote 80Kg Daltan Gerstenhofer, Four Corners defeated Jack Hartell, Sandhills 55Kg Britynn Carter, Sooke defeated Amamda Brochu, Lloydminster 69Kg Tarin Carr, Jaguar defeated Matt John, Cougar 81Kg Quinn Neald, Lonsdale dfeated [...]

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Mike Kucik Memorial Boxing Card October 9, 2019 at Pontiex, Sask.


Funbox Willow Blohm, Sandhills and Aaiya Ironstand, Four Corners Cameron Kozak, Sandhills and Dashiell Marshall, Marshall Boxing Club Kash Rader, Sasndills and Mohamed Mahmoud Abigaelle Blohm, Sandhills and Sydney Collinge, Lloydminster 64Kg Matt Johns, Cougar defeated James Chipak, Four Corners 75Kg Amanda Missens, Jaguar defeated Teresa Kozak, Sandhills 57Kg Jessica Caverly, Lloydminster defeated Shalin Steel, Four Corners 57Kg Maria Ren, Marshall defeated Iris Fryingpan, Lloydminster 64Kg Intisar Dzinic, United defeated John Pekas, Four Corners 56Kg Jaden Toye, Counterpunch defeated Cody Chaykowski. Four Corners 75Kg Deryk Moline, Sandhills defeated Max Hines, Marshall 64Kg Jordon Daymond, Cougar defeated Patrick Corcoran, United 69Kg [...]

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Top Dog June 15, 2019 Pro-Am Results


Jacey Chamskese, Coyote and Molly Maynard, Thomas Settee- Sparring Fazin Dar and Bryn Cooper, Thomas Settee- Sparing 45Kg Jace Derocher, All Nations defeated Luke Kalmakoff, Thomas Settee 65Kg Alexandra McKenzie, Lonsdale defeated Shaylynne Lepine, Thomas Settee 69Kg Cole Ahenakew, Thomas Settee defeated Enrique Tovar, K.A. Boxing 91Kg Ty Robinson, New Line defeated McKenzie Kuukkonen, Top Dog 81Kg Val Vanchuliak, Top Dog defeated Darcy Feser, Lloydminster Pro Boxing sanctioned by the Athletic Commission of Saskatchewan: Pedro Rodriguez, Mexico defeated Wayne Smith Saskatoon- Unanimous Decision 4 Rounds. Tim Chemelli, Bonneyville defeated Abokan Bokpe, Toronto KO Round 1 [...]

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