Fun Box Aliyah Ironstand Four Corners and Willow Blohm, Sandhills Lake Snelling, Sooke and Emma Jodoin, Sandhills Sydney Collinge, Lloydminster and Ava Jepperson, Sooke 41Kg Raph Cucio, Marshall defeated Ayden Pocha, Blackstar 72Kg Amy Solano, Four Corners defeated Maria Laboucane, Lac la Biche 60Kg Keely Hartell, Sandhills defeated Isabella Paipals, Titan 60Kg Gabe Wood, Lloydminster defeated Dawson Lowerson, Four Corners 64Kg Owen Pitcher, Lac la Biche defeated Elmer Villebrun, Coyote 80Kg Daltan Gerstenhofer, Four Corners defeated Jack Hartell, Sandhills 55Kg Britynn Carter, Sooke defeated Amamda Brochu, Lloydminster 69Kg Tarin Carr, Jaguar defeated Matt John, Cougar 81Kg Quinn Neald, Lonsdale dfeated [...]

RESULTS FROM FRIGHT OR FIGHT 2019, NORTH BATTLEFORD OCT 26, 20192019-10-30T00:14:27+00:00

Mike Kucik Memorial Boxing Card October 9, 2019 at Pontiex, Sask.


Funbox Willow Blohm, Sandhills and Aaiya Ironstand, Four Corners Cameron Kozak, Sandhills and Dashiell Marshall, Marshall Boxing Club Kash Rader, Sasndills and Mohamed Mahmoud Abigaelle Blohm, Sandhills and Sydney Collinge, Lloydminster 64Kg Matt Johns, Cougar defeated James Chipak, Four Corners 75Kg Amanda Missens, Jaguar defeated Teresa Kozak, Sandhills 57Kg Jessica Caverly, Lloydminster defeated Shalin Steel, Four Corners 57Kg Maria Ren, Marshall defeated Iris Fryingpan, Lloydminster 64Kg Intisar Dzinic, United defeated John Pekas, Four Corners 56Kg Jaden Toye, Counterpunch defeated Cody Chaykowski. Four Corners 75Kg Deryk Moline, Sandhills defeated Max Hines, Marshall 64Kg Jordon Daymond, Cougar defeated Patrick Corcoran, United 69Kg [...]

Mike Kucik Memorial Boxing Card October 9, 2019 at Pontiex, Sask.2019-10-09T22:40:41+00:00

Top Dog June 15, 2019 Pro-Am Results


Jacey Chamskese, Coyote and Molly Maynard, Thomas Settee- Sparring Fazin Dar and Bryn Cooper, Thomas Settee- Sparing 45Kg Jace Derocher, All Nations defeated Luke Kalmakoff, Thomas Settee 65Kg Alexandra McKenzie, Lonsdale defeated Shaylynne Lepine, Thomas Settee 69Kg Cole Ahenakew, Thomas Settee defeated Enrique Tovar, K.A. Boxing 91Kg Ty Robinson, New Line defeated McKenzie Kuukkonen, Top Dog 81Kg Val Vanchuliak, Top Dog defeated Darcy Feser, Lloydminster Pro Boxing sanctioned by the Athletic Commission of Saskatchewan: Pedro Rodriguez, Mexico defeated Wayne Smith Saskatoon- Unanimous Decision 4 Rounds. Tim Chemelli, Bonneyville defeated Abokan Bokpe, Toronto KO Round 1 [...]

Top Dog June 15, 2019 Pro-Am Results2019-06-16T22:15:13+00:00



Fun Box Kaden Wiesner, Lloydminster and Jack Senga, Lonsdale Fun Box Kade Ruckaber, Lonsdale and Hayden Fiacco, Lonsdale 57Kg Elias West, Lonsdale defeated Frankie Clampii, New Line Boxing Academy 80Kg Reyna Allen, Lonsdale defeated Amy Solano, Four Corners 57Kg Zack Hornsberger, Lonsdale defeated Jaden Toye, Counter Punch 64Kg Tarin Carr, Jaguar defeated Intisar Dzinic, United 75Kg Shamus Reilly, Lonsdale and Quinn Neald, Lonsdale Exhibition Match 91+Kg David Johnson, United defeated Trent Katcheech, Lonsdale 75Kg Dylan Martin, Pan Am defeated Emile Smith, Lloydminster

BATTLE OF THE PRAIRIES XV RESULTS- June 1, 20192019-06-03T01:06:39+00:00

Results from the South Saskatchewan Classic held on May 11, 2019 at Leader Sask.


Emma Jodin, Sandhills and Isabella Meredith, South Paw- Fun Box Kash Rader, Sandhills and Hayden Fiacco, Lonsdale- Fun Box 48Kg Kerion O`Neil, South Paw defeated Hunter Heise, Counterpunch 65Kg John Pekas, Four Corners defeated Dorion Baptiste, Medicine Hat 36Kg Austin Hale, Three Nations defeated Sonny Meredith, South Paw 39Kg Declan Getzinger, Lloydminster defeated Jack Senga, Lonsdale 50Kg Gracy Kennedy, Three Nations defeated Ella Meredith, South Paw 79Kg Dalton Gerstenhofer, Four Corners defeated Jack Hartell, Sandhills 65Kg Joshua Williams, Marshall defeated Moroni Hale, Three Nations 81Kg Reyna Allen, Lonsdale defeated Amy Solanoe Four Corners 55Kg Iris Frying Pan, Lloydminster defeated Lanny [...]

Results from the South Saskatchewan Classic held on May 11, 2019 at Leader Sask.2019-05-18T20:42:42+00:00



Boxing Saskatchewan would like to congratulate its Provincial Team to the Super Channel National Championships held in Victoria B.C. from April 22-16, 2019. The team conducted themselves admirably inside and outside the ring. A special congratulations to Quinn Neald, 75Kg youth for bringing home a BRONZE MEDAL. CONGRATULATIONS, QUINN!


Results from Battle of the Border Lloydminster February 23, 2019


Fun Box 26Kg Emma Jodoin, Sandhills and Isabelle Meredith, Southpaw 38Kg Kaden Weisner, Lloydminster and Declyn Getzinger, Lloydminster 30Kg Mohammed Mahoud, Red Deer and Hayden Fiacco, Lonsdale 32Kg Jayden Collinge, Lloydminster and Edward Achimov, Cougar 27Kg Knoxson Maier, Turtle River and Daxon Emperingham, Lonsdale Official Bouts 32Kg Logan MacKinnon, Red Deer defeated Sonny Meredith, Southpaw 49Kg Jace Derocher, All Nations defeated Rodrigo Vivanco, Wolfhouse 48Kg Praxton Maier, Turtle River defeated Keiron O'Neill, Southpaw 52Kg Kerowna Hamilton, Marshall defeated Ella Meredith, Southpaw 54Kg Iris Fryingpan, Lloydminster defeated Carolan Harvey, The Boxing Club 77Kg Masters  Dean Aldridge, Sandhills defeated Jesse Kitchen, Counterpunch [...]

Results from Battle of the Border Lloydminster February 23, 20192019-02-26T21:47:27+00:00

Golden Gloves Results


Following are the results for the three sessions that took place during the Golden Gloves competition in Saskatoon. Session 1 Co-Winners  30 Kg  Dashanda Fehr-Spence vs Sydney Lee Collinge Co-Winners 37  Kg Mykhaylo Polishchuk vs Faizan Farooq Dar Male 42 Kg  Hunter Theise wins vs Luke Kalmakoff Male 57 Kg   Jaden Toye wins vs Dan Ramac Male 54 Kg  Kerowna Hamilton wins vs Samy Umanzor Male 60 Kg  Wayne Ducharme wins vs Tyler Gregory-Wilson Male 66 Kg  Tyrell Haywood wins vs Ethan Ruttle Male 66 Kg  Michael Alderman wins vs Brendan McKinley Female 75 Kg  Teresa Kozak wins vs Amanda [...]

Golden Gloves Results2018-11-28T19:09:17+00:00

Boxing Results


Results from The Fall Brawl September 23, 2017 Host: Vic-Tory Boxing Club 28Kg Sydney Collinge Lloydminster vs Abigail Blohm Sandhills- Challenge Match 36Kg Mohammed Faison-Farooq Lloydminster vs Jaxson Williams Vic-Tory-Challenge Match 54Kg Quasim Mirza, Jaguar defeated Riley Hnatiu, North Battleford 91+Kg Dustin Auseth, Vic-Tory vs Nick Habscheid, Vic-Tory-Exhibition 81Kg Emile Smith, Lloydminster vs Jesse Kitchen, Vic-Tory- Sparring 91+ Adam Toto, Lonsdale defeated Dakota McFadyen Vic-Tory Results from May 12, 2017 Battle of the Prairies XIII Host Lonsdale Boxing Club 30Kg Gavin Heise, Lloydminster vs Evan Fuessel, Lonsdale-Initiation Match 81Kg Tim Den Hollander, Medicine Hat defeated Emile Smith, Lloydminster 91+Kg Josiah Garrett, Brandon defeated [...]

Boxing Results2017-09-25T15:42:10+00:00

Results Archive – Before August 2012


Results from the 2012 Provincial Championships, held in Regina June 9, 2012-Hosted by the Lonsdale Boxing Club. 34kg Kyle Huber, Lonsdale defeated Sam Severson, Weyburn 57kg Tymeka Zimmerman, Hub City defeated Isabelle Elloitt, 4 Feathers 34kg Austin Kopas, Nelson defeated Brody Marshall, Weyburn 52kg Cordelle Williams, New Line defeated Tyler Michel, Lonsdale 45kg Caleb Freeman, Meerkat defeated Michael Armbruster, Weyburn 58kg Nicholas Ross-Williams, New Line defeated Reed Fuchs, Black and Blue 54kg Joshua Orange, Turtle River defeated Wade Auger,Meerkat 61kg Andy Chung, Regina defeated Chayse Ross-Williams, New Line 64.5kg Isaac Copeman, Lonsdale defeated Mark Sutherland Meerkat 57kg Jarid Clarke, SCFC defeated [...]

Results Archive – Before August 20122015-10-18T18:54:51+00:00