Amateur boxing is a sport which is participated in by both males and females. An amateur boxer must have reached their 11th birthday in order to be eligible to compete. Boxers and their coaches will work together in arriving at a decision to compete. This is an important step for a boxer and the competitive aspect of the sport is taken seriously by all involved.

Many factors are involved in preparing for competition. A boxer must be registered as a competitor with the provincial registrar. All competitors must submit to an annual medical exam and satisfy a medical physician that they are physically fit to box. In addition, all boxers are required to pass a pre-bout medical. All competitions also have a medical physician at ringside observing all bouts.

Boxers are required to use specific protective equipment during competition. Regulation head gear, mouth guard, hand wraps, competition gloves, protective cup and protective breast protectors for females are all required during competition. Jewelry or eye glasses are prohibited.

The length of a round and a bout are determined by a number of factors, including age, level of experience and gender. Bouts are approved by the official in charge, based on competition guidelines outlined in the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association rule book. These guidelines strictly enforced to protect the safety of all competitors.

Bouts are officiated by a certified referee who remains in the ring during the bout. The referee will observe all boxers prior to the start of a bout to ensure that all equipment is being used in accordance with regulations. The boxer must follow all instruction given by the referee. Competitors may be disqualified if there are infraction of the rules. The referee, the physician at ringside, a coach, as well as the individual may stop a bout at any point.

All bouts are judged by to 3 to 5 certified judges. All competitions in Saskatchewan are judged using the computerized scoring system. The results of a boxers bouts are recorded and will appear in the boxers competitive passport which lists the boxers individual competitive record.