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How To Start a Boxing Club

Why Boxing?


  • Teaches Self-Discipline
  • Instills Self-Confidence
  • Develops Character and Self-Motivation
  • Encourages good citizenship
  • Promotes physical fitness and athletic skills
  • Provides both competitive and non-competitive programs
  • Inexpensive to the participant—all an individual needs to join a boxing club is a pair of running shoes and gym shorts and the willingness to learn


Starting A Club

If there is no boxing club near you and you would like to start one, Boxing Saskatchewan can give you some advice and direction on how to do it. We can work with you to set up a training program for your new club, start your coach on the road to certification and let you now what equipment you will need to start out. Call (306) 525-6678 for more information.

Intoductory Clinic

Boxing Saskatchewan will provide an introductory clinic to boxing to help establish a strong volunteer base. You will need coaches, officials, administrator, fundraiser, club doctor and support personnel. It is not necessary to have individuals in all positions but that would be ideal.


Boxing Saskatchewan can provide the following documents for your club operation:


  • Introductory poster
  • Videos – Workout, Boxercise
  • Affiliation forms
  • Registration forms
  • Medical certificate
  • Policy manual
  • Rule book



Minimum age to join a boxing club is 11 years old. (Male or Female) Competitors are placed in categories based on age and skill level.

  • Cadet A 11-12 years old
  • Cadet B 13-14 years old
  • Cadet C 15-16 years old
  • Junior 17-18 years old
  • Senior 19 and up



Boxing Saskatchewan through its member clubs provides an opportunity for individuals to participate at all levels of amateur boxing.

Individual clubs develop their own programs with the guidance of the Provincial Association and the National Coaches Certification Program.

The Provincial Association conducts coaching and officials clinics and athlete development camps. Training caps are also held for boxers selected to various provincial teams.

Safety of the Sport


  • Statistics have proven amateur boxing to be one of the safest sports to participate in
  • The rules have been formulated with the safety of the boxers as the paramount concern.
  • It is the only sport whereby a doctor must be in attendance at all times.
  • As well, each athlete must be certified fit by the doctor on the day of competition.
  • There are no exceptions!
  • Two other safety factors are the Official and Coach.
  • If at any time during the bout, either feel that an athlete is out-classed or over-matched, they will stop the bout immediately.
  • Safety of the athlete is their biggest concern.

For further information on the club(s) located in your region, contact:
Boxing Saskatchewan
P. O. Box 4711 Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Y3
Phone: (306) 525-6678
Fax: (306) 569-3454